Powerpoint Design

Most high-stakes meetings depend on effective business PowerPoint presentations to keep the audience engaged and make key messages clear and memorable. Let us take care of your business presentation design, so you can focus on bigger things.

Quick Fixes:
A fast clean-up that includes positioning all elements on each slide,  aligning and ensuring consistent fonts and colours. (Estimated: 4 to 6 slides per hour)

Bespoke Creative Design:
We will create new slide designs, change master slide layouts, recreate charts and tables, add images, icons and redesign existing slides. We can also create icons, illustrations, infographics or other advanced graphic designs to visually enhance the presentation if need be. (Estimate: 1-2 slides per hour)

Professional Formatting:
We will professionally format your presentation and ensure that the presentation adhere to your company’s style guide and to your PowerPoint template. (Estimate: 3 to 4 slides per hour)

From Rough Sketches or Drafts:
We can design from scratch – based on your rough sketches, images or drafts. We will add design elements, icons and illustrations to your slides and handle other custom design requests. (Estimate: 1-2 slides per hour)