1. It’s not mobile friendly

As the mobile revolution continues to grow around the world, internet consumption is moving away desktops and in to the portable devices territory. Your business’s website has to be optimised for mobile users.

There are still lots of websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. This can lead to penalties from the Google, decrease conversation rates and deliver your customers a poor experience. You need to make sure that you use a responsive design, and keep your layout simple.

2. Content is too technical

Your average customer isn’t going to understand the technical language or industry jargon that you use to describe your business throughout your website. Use simple and straight-forward language that your customers can easily understand.

3. Lacks content

Your website needs to contain fresh and valuable content that answers real-life questions.

4. Hard-to-find essential information

Customers want to easily locate information like:

  • The address of your business.
  • Contact information, specifically a phone number and email address.
  • Social media plugins.

You’d be surprised at how many businesses still don’t have vital information on their websites. Customers may tend to stay away from those types of businesses.

5. Takes ages to load

Customers expect a website to load quickly. It is important to remember that 79% of online users that don’t enjoy their website experience are less likely to ever return nor buy from a slow-loading site again.

6. No clear calls-to-action

Give customers clear instructions by creating a call to action button or hyperlinked text that is front and center. Your potential customers won’t move forward with the services or products that you’re offering. When that happens, you won’t get those all-important business conversions.

7. Jurassic and outdated

Webpages that are maintained and have a current design build trust and credibility. If it’s been years since you’ve had a major website design overhaul, then it’s time to find something more contemporary.

8. It’s too cluttered

Keep in mind that a bulk of your visitors are browsing your site on mobile devices too. Your site should be clean and organised. Keep information to a minimum and use sub-headings, bullet lists and graphic elements so that visitors can digest this info in smaller chunks.

9. Broken shopping cart or payment gateway

Make sure that everything is working properly. You won’t be able to make a sale or receive a payment if your payment processor is broken.

10. You don’t guide users to landing pages

Send relevant links to customers actually want to land-on. Create specific landing pages for the various types of potential customers you encounter and where they are in the sales funnel.

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