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Kudos Graphics is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Singapore. It was set up in January 2006. Since then we have been crafting powerful design for a client list of individuals, brands, corporates, government boards and educational institutions.

We provide professional design, marketing and digital solutions and guarantee you original, engaging design at an affordable price. We’re equally at home working on an individual project as we are working as an external design department managing your every need – from business cards to national advertising campaigns. Our clients are some of the best in the industry.


Nancy Wee is a design consultant with a wealth of experience across multimedia platforms. She holds a Fine Arts degree (Major in Advertising Arts) and has taught design at a local university in Hong Kong. Previously, as regional art director, Nancy supervised designers who created graphics for print, publications and marketing. She was also formerly a senior designer with CNBC and handled broadcast and digital media design.

Nancy currently consults on a range of branding, presentation, web design projects and publications for MNCs, government boards, universities, and financial organisations.

Having created successful design projects for her clients, Nancy has a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, she believes in creating great designs with the right messages that appeal to and target the buyers and audience that her clients want to reach out to. Nancy’s primary expertise is in art direction, presentation, branding, infographic design and project management.

Among her core expertise is business graphics. Over the years, Nancy has created hundreds of design and presentation projects for regional audiences and world leaders. Among her high profile projects was the APEC Summit in 2012, where her PowerPoint presentations were viewed by U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders.

“Kudos Graphics provides richly substantive and visually appealing materials across a range of themes. Highly recommended for sharing important information and ideas!”
“Nancy brings a sharp eye for meaning and detail to the design of vital visual materials. Her deep background and passion for excellence are obvious in the way she works, and the results she achieves. Nancy is a pleasure to work with. A true professional of her craft.”
“Nancy completed our powerpoint first by thoroughly listening to our requirements and performing above and beyond our expectations. SUBA Networks highly recommends Kudos Graphics for your corporate powerpoint and graphic development.”
ANTHONY DeSPENZA, Co-Founder, Suba Networks
“Working with Kudos Graphics has always been a very positive experience. The quality of our materials as a result of Kudos’ efforts improve significantly. Nancy seems to ‘get’ the content and context of our business and the design of our materials reflects this understanding. They are not only technically strong but also bring a creative edge.”
“…and I love working with Nancy for her unflappable work ethic and the creativity and professionalism of her work.”
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