Since 2015, I noticed that there are unusual number of requests and inquiries for infographic design projects. The requests are still pouring in. Why infographic design? the reasons are simple: visual description of text is easier to understand than plain text. It also adds up to the readers’ interest in your information.

It’s impossible to comprehend complex data easily if we only use words or texts. Information graphics or infographics are visual explanation of data and information. The graphics are excellent visual tools for explaining huge amounts of information where complex data needs to be explained clearly. Viewers tend to ignore text and focus on easily digestible visuals.

Infographic design is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process can be quite intensive. Researching data is a very lengthy procedure that takes time to obtain correct data. After that, the designer must be able to create a strong visual impact that precisely displays the information in way that is easy to understand, rational and blend with the overall design.